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Mission: Jam and Jelly The Battle At Steam Headquarters (Book 4)

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Join our heroes Jam, Jelly, and Smart Can on their most important mission yet, to save Professor V! But first, they will have to defeat Mr. and Mrs. Steam. This is the battle we have all been waiting for!

Customer Reviews

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Thank God it’s another one

My grandson really enjoyed reading the book and was so excited to read the next one. Pictures was great and the words were easy to read 💙

Makoa and Parents

A review from Makoa (8):

Join Jam and Jelly on their big adventure to save Professor V and stop the Steam Team. Do you think that they will stop the Steam Team? What do you think they need Professor V for? Do you think that they will join their side? My favorite part was when they try to defeat Mr. Steam. I recommend this book because it’s not very short and also because the pictures. I rate this book 5 stars! Read the book to find out what happens.

A review from the parents:

We absolutely love the series over in our house, and especially this new book! The moment that really just melted my heart, was when Professor V said that forgiving people is much better than holding in anger and that anger hurst and forgiveness heals. What a wonderful lesson!

I really appreciate the way these books are laid out. Many times I see graphic novels that have more pictures than actual words/writing, and that is not the case with these books. To echo what my son has said, “it’s not very short”. It’s a great way to introduce the layout of chapter books, without being overwhelming. It has really engaged our child, and honestly opened his heart to truly love reading. At times it can be a challenge to get him to read, but these books have him reading non stop. He has been moved to write letters to Shawn (which is a big deal since he has writing dysgraphia and hates to write), and has been sharing all of his books with his friends at school. His classmates have been fighting over them. We may need to buy a few copies of each book for his classroom!

This book is a MUST buy, and the entire series as well!! Thank you for inspiring our child to read and want to write!

Christopher Nunn
Looking Forward to the Next Saga!

Shawn does a really good job at story telling with redemptive qualities that give us applicable examples of not giving up, confidence, forgives, and reconciliation. Book 4 was produced with excellent graphics and care for the readers development and age appropriate humor. My son loved it! We look forward to learning about new heros in the future. I can see this being a cartoon that people will enjoy one day.